The Childcare center Chinderdschungel has been QualiKita certified since 2013 and the Camäleon has been certified since 2014. The Childcare center Chinderhuus in Baden successfully passed the audit in April 2019. The Childcare Center Zauberdrache in Dättwil passed the audit in September 2019 with flying colors. The childcare center Villa Tortuga successfully passed the audit in June 2020. The Childcare Center Wichtelburg successfully passed the audit in June 2022. The Zwärgehuus and the WirnaKids are also part of it. We are committed that all our Childcare centers may carry the quality label in the near future.


The swiss quality label for day care centers

The high quality of offers in early childhood education, care and upbringing is decisive for the positive development of children. This is why QualiKita promotes the development of quality standards in daycare centers. Parents and children benefit from a professional environment in a certified nursery focused on the wellbeing of the children.

A conscious decision in choosing a daycare center – QualiKita promotes transparency

Day care centers on the edge of the forest, in pretty villas or in modern office complexes, the variety is huge. But what is beneath the surface? Do the caregivers respond to the child’s needs and what does the cooperation with the parents look like? In order to create more transparency, the Jacobs Foundation and the kibesuisse Association have developed the QualiKita quality label. The label makes quality visible and shows in the transparency report the special features and strengths of an excellent nursery. This enables parents to make a well-informed and conscious decision about a day-care center.

The first few years are crucial

International research has shown that early childhood has a fundamental influence into adulthood. If the caregivers of a day care centre respond to the needs of the children, this can have a significant impact on their development. The quality of a day care center is important and ensures that the child can transit on to kindergarten or school in a socially and emotionally balanced way.

This is what a QualiKita means

QualiKita focuses on the child and its positive development. The scientific basis for the quality label was developed by the University Centre for Early Childhood Education in Fribourg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Margrit Stamm. Further information about QualiKita can also be found at QualiKita.