How we work

Your child will be well looked after at our childcare centres

Children’s innate curiosity inspires them to discover the world. They do so under our watchful care.

Source: Framework for Early Years Teaching, Care and Education in Switzerland. May 2012

We help people to combine work and family
As employer childcare centres, we help the members of our Association and their employees with the daily challenge of balancing family life and work.

Learning through play is our educational objective
The key focus of our work is on the children’s needs. One of these is the will to learn. Children learn by playing and play while they learn. They want to satisfy their innate curiosity and learn autonomously. Play and learning activities are dependent on the child’s inner motivation; in other words, only learning activities they enjoy will have a lasting impact. Through extended periods of free play, we provide children with an ideal learning environment.

Guiding Principle of ABB Childcare Centres

We view ourselves as a learning institution
We strive to do our very best at all times. The changing demands of childcare and scientific developments are our yardstick and what motivates us to keep on improving all the time.

Participation is the basis of our educational approach
We work on the basis that children learn and teach themselves, i.e. that they have a natural curiosity and a strong motivation to learn. To enable them to act capably and independently in their environment, they need to learn how to make decisions themselves, play an active role and take responsibility. For this reason, we enable the children to take part in as many everyday situations as possible and give them choices that are challenging yet appropriate for their level of development.

We communicate respectfully and in a developmentally appropriate manner
Children get to know their environment and their own needs through verbal and non-verbal dialogue with their carers. For this reason, we attach great importance to good-quality, respectful and developmentally appropriate communication.

Stable relationships are the basis of our work
Children learn best in an environment that offers them a combination of emotional security, stable relationships, guidance, trust and warmth and challenges, new experiences and opportunities for discovery which encourage them to experiment, try things out for themselves and solve problems. By ensuring a needs-based acclimatisation process, stable groups and excellent care and entering into an educational partnership with the parents, we provide an ideal basis for the child’s development.

How it all started

History of the ABB childcare centres

1966: the first BBC childcare centre
In 1966, the first BBC childcare centre as it was then known was opened in Baden for children of employees. The background to this was the increase in the employment of guest workers – mainly from Italy – and their difficult social situation. Even then, ABB already recognised its social responsibility towards its employees and the community. The primary objective at that time was to keep the children fed and bring them closer to their new and unfamiliar home in Switzerland.

1973 – 1993: further childcare centres opened
Another childcare centre was opened at the Turgi site in 1973. The next one – in Oerlikon – didn’t open until some 20 years later in 1993.

1996: foundation of the Association
In 1996, ABB Switzerland decided to convert the childcare centres into a legally independent association. This was also when the centres were first opened to non-ABB employees.

From this point on, external companies were able to participate by becoming members of the Association. Although this process led to increased demand for childcare places, it also secured the centres’ funding. To date, some 30 companies have joined the Association. The last 20 years have also seen the childcare sector change significantly and become professionalised.

2011: introduction of the balanced scorecard
In 2011, the Association of ABB Childcare Centres introduced the balanced scorecard. This strategic planning and management system helps us to run our business more systematically and professionally.

2016: 20-year anniversary
2016 has been a very special year for all of us. The Association of ABB Childcare Centres has celebrated both its own 20-year anniversary and the 50-year anniversary of the opening of the first ABB childcare centre.

2016: The anniversary year

ABB childcare centres today

To date, some 30 companies have joined the Association and the demand for childcare places is increasing. The last 20 years have also seen the childcare sector change significantly and become professionalised.

The Association of ABB Childcare Centres is a non-profit organisation financed by parents’ and member companies’ contributions. Any surpluses are invested in building new or renovating existing childcare facilities.

Only legal entities can become members of the Association of ABB Childcare Centres. Details of this, as well as the duties, responsibilities and powers are defined in the statutes of the Association of ABB Childcare Centres.